Thursday, 12 May 2016

Giver movie vs Giver book

    The Giver    

I think that the movie was better in my opinion. Many may disagree but this is my reasoning why I think that the movie was better that the book. First off the movie had more action and suspense, and a bit of a plot twist. In the movie we got  to see more interactions between Fiona, Jonas and Asher and it gave us a bit more of help in understanding the things they describe in the book with a better visualisation of the writer intended to describe. This is why my opinion is that the movie is way better than the book.
    The interactions with Jonas and Fiona were  better planned out and made the story a little bit more interesting than it was already. Giving us a better view of why would Jonas fall for her. It also gave a slightly bit more of a character development for Fiona and Asher too, which In many people's opinion is very important to have a character development and not just have a character as a plot filler. Also the interactions the characters Fiona and Jonas had more comic relief or made the plot a bit more interesting to people who usually don't like this gender of book get interested with the movie.
     Like i said before there's a grand amount of people who don't like this type gender or don't like to read. I feel that with action, suspense, and romance give the reader like me more of an intrigue towards the movie vs the actual Giver book. It has a little bit of everything for the viewers but still keeping  as close to the story line but with some modifications along the way with small plot twist but it does not ruin the sense of the actual story line. Like in the book there was no action at all there was a little bit of suspense with the realising but in the movie theres was more action with the punch Jonas gave to Asher.
    Last but not least the movie gives a better understanding of what the writer was trying to describe in the story. For example how the ceremony looked like in the beginning of the story and the ceremony of the lost. For me I couldn't really visualise those thing or most the things in the book really so this actually help me visualise many thing a lot better than in mine.Also It was interesting to know how the actual writer of this book visualised the giver because for me the giver totally different from i imagine him i imaged him more the character snow from the hunger games.For some people this reasons is not good because it “ruins” how other people see the book, but  i think it's a splendid since it's hard to visualise the story if there's thing we never seen and we end up imagining something the writer dint intend to or dint want the reader to imagine.
This are the reasons I  believe The Giver movie is better than The giver book.

Word count is 517.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Remember all or nothing

In the story ,"The Landscape of memory"It tells that all over history humans have had some extreme memories but its not always a blessing but a curse.I can see why people may oh wow that must cool too be able remember everything I think it seems more like torture.will some day come were we can make are minds remember  everything?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

stay inside

Both stories,"The Pedestrian ,and The forecast " talk about how in alternative future all leaving beans are pretty much controlled by the technology of the time. It seems like that that future could never happen but with the advancement of technology y now a days it could be are future, huh.How come so many are able to think about such similiar topics?

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

an echo of music

Jonas has finally made it to a hill in which he faces with the struggles of gravity with his bike and trying to maintain both him and Gabe warm. They totally either died or fainted/passed out and a family will find well i least imagine that. Did  they die or is it like they pass out and get rescued?

Monday, 25 April 2016

plane plane

Jonas has been told that where going to release Gabe so Jonas started the plan he plande with The giver,but with out the Givers help and took Gabe with him too. Omg he took Gabe i can't even belive it the was a huge plot twist.How will Jonas continue giving memories when they run out of memories?

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Jonas and the giver planed to escape the community during the ceremony so no one would notice but the giver is staying for a really good reason. Why can't the giver go with Jonas like I wish they would.Is Jonas going to take Gabe?

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Jonas was wondering about release when he ask the giver so the giver made him watch what happen in a release ceremony. Omg the poor child what a horrendous thing why such a terrible thing to let people go.Is Gabe going to go trough that processes?